Flow cytometry outsource service



  • Do you want cell characterization or analysis but there is no flow cytometer available?
  • Don't you know how to choose antibody or fluorescence and worry about it?
  • Want to do related cell qualitative experiments but don't know where to start?

Service Content:

  • The company first calibrates the cells with appropriate stains or antibodies, which can stain the nucleus, mitochondria or specific proteins, and analyzes by flow cytometry, which can quickly and continuously perform multiple qualitative or quantitative analysis of individual cells, so that The fluorescence value of each cell analyzes the population distribution, which can be used for cell labeling, cell cycle, cell apoptosis, cell active oxide concentration, mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) and other analysis applications.

Service items:

  • Sample preparation.
  • Cell surface antigen staining (including fluorescence).
  • Intracellular chemical staining.
  • Cell fixation or cell punching.

Sample types and reports:

  • Applicable specimen varieties: live cells (sampling must be sent at room temperature or low temperature on the same day), dead cells need to be refrigerated and sent [stored in PBS])。
  • Sample delivery volume: at least 10^6 cells/test。
  • Shipment report: raw data and analysis report. Including: test procedures and cell population distribution and other information.
  • Delivery time: about 14 working days.


  • The price is quoted by the company's business。
  • The price does not include antibodies and reagents (must be provided by the customer or purchased by purchase) .
  • Calculated by the number of tubes (isotype control also counts as one tube)。
  • If there are specimens or experimental methods with high experimental difficulty, the price needs to be negotiated separately。

For more questions, please call our company 886-2-2100-1008.